Rhubarb Ice Cream

I (Reiss) initially started out just to make rhubarb sauce to put over ice cream but upon making so much sauce I decided to make rhubarb flavoured ice cream and have enough sauce… Continue reading

Essex Food Show ’12

We decided that we would ‘scale up’ as it were on the farmers market and found the Essex Food Show. There was about 50 stalls including donkey rides, a parrot show, hornbills and… Continue reading

Lettuce Head

Hello everyone, my name is ‘Lettuce head’. I love lettuce, especially Little Gem, thats what my hair is made out of. It grows very well, so quick I don’t know what to do… Continue reading


Not much to say on this post. The sweetcorn is growing really well, it should be able to be planted out when the soil in the garden dries out a bit. Apparently you… Continue reading

New Herbs


After a week or so of heavy constant rain, yesterday I (Reiss) saw that the storm drain in the street was flowing up out of the road. This could not be good for… Continue reading

Zombie’s in the herb world

DO NOT PANIC Its the rise of the Zombie Coriander! An eye witness has given this statement, ‘My name is Reiss Cleal, I planted my Coriander in Feburary, March 28th I posted this… Continue reading


As our plants have become slightly more developed we made the executive decision to add plant food. We purchased Miracle-Gro Slow Release All Purpose Plant Food. This should last for 6 months and… Continue reading

A New Approach

We have decided that as we are both ‘designers’ we should utilise this in the presentation of our blog. For now, we are uncertain of what style to use and if we should… Continue reading

Operation Oregano

Our final purchase at the Farmers Market has been left till this post as we planned to eat it that night. Neither of us had tried Raddish before and therefore we decided to… Continue reading